Ultimate guide to FBA product listing optimization - all you need to know

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You can think of Amazon as the world’s largest search engine of products. And like any other search engines, the lifeblood is keywords. The key to making big bucks is making sure that you are getting the most amount of traffic for the best possible keywords that are relevant for your product. While we have covered listing optimization in a number of previous blog posts, now we will take a deep dive into all the different aspects of proper Amazon product listing optimization.

Get familiar with A9, Amazon’s searching algorithm

how to optimize amazon listings

According to the words of developers, the A9 engine has already categorized millions of product listing together with that many more customers’ data all in the effort of providing the people who search products on Amazon the most relevant results from the moment that the first keystroke is pressed.

And no wonder, since it’s Amazon wants to make sure that the customers buy as frequently as possible in the biggest amount possible. That’s how they make money after all.

The A9 algorithm is a form of AI, which categorizes all the products listed on Amazon on determines which ones are the ideal match for customer’s search query and mazed on certain criteria it ranks them with the most relevant ones on top.It continually evolves based on customer’s input and searching patterns in an effort to provide the best possible results to Amazon’s customers.

Factors that A9 engine takes into account when displaying relevant results

These are the known criteria that A9 uses to rank products:

  • Relevancy of matched text
  • Sales velocity of the product
  • Stock availability
  • Price
  • Fulfillment By Amazon
  • Is the product advertised
  • Customer reviews
  • Quality of images
  • Existence of promotions
  • Premium Content

Relevancy of matched text

This criterion factors in all the keywords listed with the associated product. Naturally, if the searched term is included in the product listing, that product has high relevance. Like said before, keywords are essential

Sales velocity of the product

Since Amazon wants to make the maximum amount of profit it will favor products that have a high sales velocity, meaning there is a large amount of product being bought by people in a certain amount of time. It factors in the total sales amount in dollars as well as a number of transactions during a certain period of time.

Stock availability

One of the cornerstones of Amazon’s success is great customer service. To ensure the happiness of its customers, A9 will favor those products that have not run of stock, since that will be a missed opportunity of sale as well as an unhappy customer.


In an effort to offer the best possible purchasing experience to its customers, Amazon will favor those products that have the best price.

Fullfilment By Amazon

Naturally, since Amazon is making money from fees collected by its FBA sellers, the A9 engine will favor those products that are Fulfilled By Amazon.

Is the product advertised

If you are spending money to advertise your product, A9 will like you very much.

Customer reviews

Having a large number of positive reviews is a huge factor that will boost your rankings. If the customers are engaging with your product that means they love it and that more people are likely to buy it. This one is crucial. Do your best to maximize the number of positive reviews while minimizing any negative ones.

Quality of images

While the recommended size of images is at least 1280 pixels in width, you should strive for ultra-HD images that have at least 2560 pixels in width.

Use a white background to accentuate the product features and make sure that the photos are bright and clear. Upload as many acceptable photos as possible. 

Existence of promotions

If you are just starting to sell your product a great way to boost sales is through promotions. While it is a great strategy for gaining those initial sales and much-needed reviews, it is not a viable long-term strategy. Before promoting your product you should make sure that the rest of the ranking criteria are all optimized.

Premium Content

Amazon will favor A+ Content and Brand Content. Having your product branded as the premium has been shown to increase sales as well as lower returns, not to mention that it increases customer satisfaction. And Amazon loves that.

6 aspects of product listing that you must get right if you want to make sales

While there is a lot of factors included in calculating which product goes to the top of the page, keyword optimization is certainly the one over which you have the maximum amount of control. Not to mention that it is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, an indicator of relevancy for the A9 algorithm.

There are 6 aspects of great product listing and they are:

  • Product Title
  • Product Images
  • Key Product Features
  • Product Listing Description
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Rating

Let’s go over each and every one.

Product Title

Amazon allows you to use up to 250 characters for the product title and you should use all of them. Make sure to include the most relevant keywords first.

When writing product titles keep in mind that:

  • While it’s important to use as many keywords as possible make sure that the title is readable for the customer
  • Include in the title something that makes your product different from your competitor’s
  • Put the most important keywords first. Title keywords are the most relevant ones

Product Images

You are free to upload up to 9 images and like always, make sure to use all of them. Since people are visual animals, having a great product image is the most important thing if you want to leave a great first-time impression.

When taking photos of your product here are some caveats:

  • Ensure that the quality of photos is the highest possible
  • Invest some money into professional photography
  • The main image must have a white background and it needs to be free of any watermarks and such
  • Include images of your product from different angles 
  • Have an image that shows the product in use
  • Include an infographic

Key Product Features

You are allowed of up to 1000 characters worth of product features in your listing. To make them easily scannable put them in bullet points.

When writing Product Features make sure to include relevant keywords for your product, but also include all the different features and benefits that your product offers. If you are offering any kind of guarantee of warranty make sure to include it as well.

This is the part where you capture the attention of the customer. Remember, the customer has read the title and has seen the product image, he is now scanning all the features to decide whether or not to buy.

Turn the buying temperature on and don’t let this opportunity slide!

Product Listing Description

Amazon allows you to use up to 2,000 characters in your product description so use this space to answer all the questions that the customer may have about your product. Remember, he is still on the fence, so you need to give him that extra push in the right direction.

And that direction ends up with him clicking that buy button.

While you can be short and precise in product features, now is the time to dive a bit deeper into all the possibilities and capabilities that your product offers.

Some things to keep in mind are:

  • Write short sentences
  • Don’t talk about the product, talk about what product can do
  • Increase the need of the customer for the product
  • Write as if you are talking to your friend
  • The secret to great copywriting is great storytelling

Product Reviews

The importance of reviews cannot be overstated. The most significant aspect of reviews is the social roof they provide as well as implied trust in the product and what it offers.

While Amazon has recently started to crank down on incentivized reviews, you can still encourage customers to leave a positive review.

The easiest thing you can do is to write automated email campaigns that will keep customers updated about their product and when you are expecting the product to arrive make sure to send them an email that reminds them to leave a positive review if they are satisfied with the product.

Product Rating

Reviews and ratings go together, so if you are doing great in the realm of reviews chances are that your ratings are quite good as well. You should strive to have the highest rating possible, as that will heavily influence the A9 algorithm.

If you are finding yourself with more bad reviews than you would like, you can:

  • Ask customers for their feedback about the product
  • Collect as many positive reviews you can, any way you can
  • Do your best not to let negative criticism get to you, there are always unhappy customers no matter what level of service you provide

The best tool for your Amazon product listing optimization

Optimizing your product listing manually can be damn near impossible, but precisely for that reason, all-in-one applications have been developed. Here is the best one that you should use if you want to make the most out of your listing and hear that cash register ring.


IOScout is a great tool for finding products with the highest margins and lowest competition. You can use to for online and retail arbitrage as well as for sourcing potential products for you to Private Label.

It prides itself on providing its customers with the highest accuracy of data possible at most affordable prices.

amazon listing optimization service

Some of the features are:

  • Product Database - with over 150 million of products to analyze you can instantly find lucrative products by applying tons of filters such as sales data, price, profit estimation and many more
  • Product Tracker - spy on your competitor’s products or simply track products you are interested in
  • Trends and History - get the feel of the market by using historical analysis
  • Chrome Extension - save yourself tons of time by analyzing data right on the Amazon page

If you are just starting on your FBA successful journey, hopefully, all of the questions that you have had about product listing optimization have been answered. Now you are left with fewer and fewer excuses for not starting your FBA business. Remember that the key to massive success is taking massive action. You have been provided with the necessary information and now it’s your time to make some waves and earn some bucks! 




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