Keepa Review

20, Feb, 22, Saturday 22:12

Keepa Review

keepa chrome extension

The world is getting smaller day by day due to the penetration of technology into our households. People are stuck in daily routines and hardly get any time for themselves or to go out and spend time in shopping malls. Online shopping from the comfort of our homes is in trend nowadays. People prefer to sit in front of their computers and look for reasonably priced items. That is the reason that now Amazon has become the world’s best online e-commerce store that provides each and everything to its shoppers. There are tools and software to make buyer’s decisions easy depending upon their analysis and price charts. Keepa is one of the best tools available at the moment to make your home shopping experience unforgettable.


What is Keepa?

Keepa is a Google Chrome extension that helps you to make your buying decision excellent. It is the best price watcher and tracker tool for Amazon. It empowers the user to take better buying/selling steps. It tracks history if each and every item on Amazon and shows its sales rank. Overall, it keeps its user updated about the rise of the drop in sales prices by showing charts and price analysis. If you know how to analyze graphs, you can be benefited from it a lot. At first, the graphs look very messy, but if you look closely, the lines of different colors show different trends, such as Amazon is shown in orange, the market place is in blue color, the marketplace used is shown in black color and sales rank is displayed in green. It is recommended to get to know this tool before you use it.

Keepa extension can be installed on Mozilla firefox, opera, and internet explorer.


Keep Pricing

Keep plugin is no longer a free service. Now you have to pay in order to use it. It is such an important tool that the kind of help you get from it is worth the amount you pay. It is wise to pay for a service that returns you an amount in many folds. It is worth investing in. With a paid subscription, you have to pay $15 per month. If you are not getting the value back on keepa, you might not be using it correctly. They do give a free plan, but that does not provide complete info.


Keepa Features

Keepa offers a variety of features for its users so that they can have an awesome shopping or sales experience.

·        Deals

how to use keepa

This is the most helpful feature of this tool. you can scroll through Amazon’s database and look for certain products and deals that fit your search criteria. You can look for almost any product through this feature by filtering through sales rank, pricing, brand, reviews, etc.

·        Keepa Tracker


Another useful feature of this tool is keepa tracker. Through this , you can receive alerts against the price criteria you have on products. This feature can be enabled on the web app and from the amazon product page.

·        Data

keepa review

Under this tab, you can find the most amazing features of keepa such as:

  1. Best seller’s List
  2. Product finder
  3. Product viewer
  4. Top seller’s list
  5. Category tree
  6. Keepa’s API



·        Apps

keepa app

Keepa is also available on smartphones. This app enables you to see bet seller’s list on amazon divided into different categories. You can view the top seller’s list in every category available on amazon.

 Final Thoughts

It is honestly very easy to use extension. It helps you to limit your risk and plan accordingly to price change or drop and make decisions with confidence. So install keepa extension today and start getting benefited by its amazing features.





1.    How do I install Keepa?


Follow below-mentioned steps to get started:

  1. Open Google chrome
  2. Go to keepa webs store page
  3. Click on the button “add to chrome”
  4.  Click the Add extension button


2.    How do I use Keepa extensions in Chrome?

Open amazon web store and select a category or product you want to sell or purchase. On the right side of the window, keeps extension will pop up with the analysis and graphs showing the current sales rank of that certain product.


3.    Does Keepa have an app?

Yes, keep has an app available both for android users and apple users you can install it anytime and use it.

4.    How do I cancel Keepa?

 Canceling is as easy as installing keep extension. Just remove the extension from your computer or mobile phone and it will be canceled once you receive a cancellation email from the keepa team.

Description : keepa is a Google Chrome extension that helps to keep an eye on amazon product price fluctuations and help you make the best buying or selling decisions.


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