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Like many, I do quite a lot of my purchasing on Amazon. It’s becoming more challenging to overlook the power of online shopping as seasons go on. It’s safe, has practically everything, and makes shopping swift and simple. As I am a frequent buyer and due to multiple cost variations, I feel sick. I don’t understand, the thing I ordered last week is available with a 30% discount.

Camelcamlecamel Introduction

Camelcamelcamel app is a great app to earn a profit on Amazon. Camelcamelcamel keeps a record of costs for the products on Amazon. We can save up to $1000 by using Camelcamelcamel Amazon on all shopping done on this platform. In order to earn a great profit, make sure you create a free account. After this, you can use the link for the product that is in your mind to sell. I normally get my favorite things according to Camelcamelcamel API reviews about the products.


Let’s find out more about Camelcamelcamel?

It may seem a slight techy don’t go confused, but it’s very easy to handle. In order to follow the refreshed price history of a product, have a look at the green mark on the graph. That’s the cheapest value for the product which is seen at the bottom of the screen. A half kg of coffee for $6.99 is somehow a great deal. I know you might be wondering that there are cheaper brands, but coffee is something special. I’ve tried 10-15 brands that I love a lot, and Gevalia is 1 of them. I am not beginning a contest for coffee, but many people carelessly purchase a 250-gm pack of Starbucks coffee for $10 or more expensive. 

Camelcamelcamel Pricing

Camelizer is free, initiate an email alarm on its official website, in particular, box given you would want to enter the amount that you crave to be notified about. For various products, the site will follow the Amazon and 3rd party sellers’ prices. Be cautious, shipping costs on Camelizer chrome may not be covered by these 3 rd party, whereas Amazon will always hold the shipping charges. If you happen to be an Amazon prime member Camelizer will forward you an email when the product hits that selected price or goes below that price. How does the site earn capital? When you receive an email from Camelcamelcamel chrome extension telling “your product has entered your outset cost” and if you trust that price and agree on the product link, Camelcamelcamel gets share pay-out from Amazon for steering you to Amazon.

Camelcamelcamel Features

There are numerous prominent features with Camelcamelcamel that a user can use:

  • Price history monitoring – If you happen to be a frequent online purchaser you might notice prices varying overtime for nearly all products. 3 Camels is an invaluable tool that can give you the cost history report regarding all the products online.
  • Product searches- To get the results of products on Amazon, navigate to search field and paste the Amazon link of that particular product.
  • Alerts on price drops – As you configure the price drop notifications, sit back and relax. You will automatically get notifications related to particular product’s price drop.
  • Discount tracking and alerts- It will automatically discover and implement the coupon and rebate. After you are finished setting up the email alarm for drop price.
  • Availability alerts- You can periodically review the costs on Amazon just to be certain. While Camelizer declares update pricing and availability data regularly.
  • Twitter notifications- It will notify you the same way it does on email. You will receive notifications via Twitter if you wish to receive alerts on it

Browser Add-ons (The Camelizer)

Adding this software to your chrome application can allow you see price graphs of items without even leaving off the Amazon website. Camelizer is simple to practice, all you require is add the extension on the browser and it will do the rest for you. It’s a free Amazon tracker add-on, which observes millions of products for you online and informs you if prices drop, and when it’s the appropriate interval to purchase it.

Wishlist Synchronization

Who doesn’t wish to save cash, primarily when it comes to buying online? I can presume that smile on your face when somebody notifies you of a discount or price drop on your favorite product. Nowadays online shopping is a trend. It is definitely time-saving plus convenient. You don’t have to go to malls or stores to purchase something you want. Isn’t it sufficient, sitting in relief at the house and getting discounts and price drops? Now, this is something I don’t cherish about buying online, you purchased a product with a 15% discount today and the following day or a week later, the identical product is at a 50% discount.


I have seen personalities avoid having extensions or Add-ons on their browsers. It could be because people use office machines or maybe they mind casual notifications of the extensions. Here we live with an unusual feature called Bookmarklet. Just add 3camels over the bookmark bar on your browser. When you go next to Amazon for purchasing, just click on those 3 camels and it will redirect you to the web page of that will include the link to the particular product.

Alerts on Price Drop

Once you have configured settings for price drop alerts, wait for the price drop notification in order to make a purchase. Sellers who are sourcing their items from other countries can wait and get bulk products at affordable prices. Cheaper you purchase – higher profit you get. The most suitable time to purchase any product is when the prices are dropped to the lowest. However, if you don’t notice any variations in the price, I suppose the smartest thing to do is wait.

Amazon Price History Charts

If you are a regular buyer and love buying online, you may have observed that rates keep swinging over time for various products. Camelcamlecamel is the most useful tool that notifies you regarding the price records for products you are interested in.Both old and new sellers can efficiently maintain track of the cost variations on Amazon and different third-party websites. Not just the product specifications, it also confers the sales rank. 

Twitter Alerts

The feature that addresses Camelcamelcamel an excellent price tracker, is because of the price drop alerts feature. It permits you to get alerts either on Twitter or via email so that you won’t miss fabulous deals in the future.In order to get twitter alerts, Enter your twitter username and password on your Camelcamelcamel user profile. The site will later ask you to enable Twitter notifications. Once approved, it will notify you on twitter for any price drops or excellent deals.


Q.1 How is price checking system used?

Answer: Start by signing up for free account on CCC official website. Now enter the product link that has your attention. Now look at the green line of the graph that shows updated price records.

Q.2 How is “price watch” created?

Answer: Initiate the process by navigating to the add-on section of the web browser while browsing the merchant pages.

 Q.3 How do I disable alerts on Twitter?

Answer: To disable Twitter alerts, sign in to Camelcamelcamel, go in the settings, and click on “disable Twitter alerts”.


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